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Project Description
This is the ITracker application that I wrote as part of the "By The Community, For The Community" initiative. It is a simple inventory tracking system with a "reminder" option for reordering products. It's designed to be a learning tool for developers.
Starting with v4.0 of this project (released March, 2012) the application is 100% XML driven, all the way to the Membership/Role/Profile providers. It encompasses a number of different aspects of web development and should be a solid foundation for further learning.





February 1, 2013
Version 5.1 was released (as a replacement for 5.0) which corrected an issue with the "site settings" not always properly loading. When I did this I accidentally messed up all the stats for 5.0 on this site, oops.

January 18, 2013
Version 5.0 of the iTracker application is out, go get it!!
This version adds some new functionality and controls (see below) but is mostly a refresh of the site. It was pretty stale and needed some updating.

 iTracker version 5 landing page

  • added jQuery references for use
  • added new Windows 8 look for the icons
  • removed old menu system
  • added jqGrid control(s) for usage.
  • added history to the Inventory for tracking
  • added Services folder
  • added Fetch(id) Service Method
  • added FetchList() Service Method
  • added Update(i) Service Method


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